The Week of September 22 at CTS & FLC

Love or Money?
Brittany Swanson is joining us on this great fall day to tell even more people about life at Lutheran Lakeside Camp. She will lead, preach and teach, but we will not be celebrating Holy Communion with bread and wine this Sunday. Our communion with God and one another will occur as Brittany talks about camp life and Gayle shares pictures and stories about the group of children and adults who went to camp with her this past summer. Trusting Gayle’s wise understanding of God’s Holy Word, you may hear parables, other stories of fun and faith at camp, and special music. Come to worship prepared to hear something ordinary and extraordinary, with a twist that leads us to experience reality in a new way, even to the point of transforming our daily lives. Remember? That’s what Jesus’ parables do. You may even hear about Jesus boasting about a man who is a crook?  The surprise this morning may come from Brittany, from Gayle, from Jesus and the boss who shows mercy. The stories may remind you of the well paid farm workers who spent barely one hour in the vineyard. Or the father running out to welcome a shamed and destitute, long-lost son. Maybe even someone who’s been in the news lately. In God’s economy, people matter more than profits. The prophet (first reading), the psalmist, and Jesus, telling the parable, agree on this. The epistle writer adds a prayer for “a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and dignity” for everyone, boss and beggar alike. Well, there it is – for all to gather in their own minds and hearts. Here it is, as it appears EVERY Sunday, God’s love is eternal, salvation by Jesus’ great and peaceful act is for ALL, and the Holy Spirit will make sure no one misses this message.

SUNDAY:  September 22
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
10 am – CTS Sunday School Begins
10:15 am – At FLC, All Church Activities & Picnic
1 pm – Slavic Worship
6 pm – Lutheran Adult Fellowship at FLC
September 22-24:  Pastor Sally to Fall Conference
in W. Des Moines

ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, AT FIRST LUTHERAN & CHRIST THE SERVANT, Brittany Swanson, from Lutheran Lakeside Camp will be at both worship services to present news and updates from the camp.

FOLLOWING WORSHIP at FLC on Sunday, September 22:

Back by Popular demand!  All Sunday School Picnic!
For Students, Parents and the Whole Congregation!!
We will be filling school bags, playing some games, and having a great picnic on our new patio!!

MONDAY: September 23

TUESDAY: September 24
9 am-3 pm: Blanket Making Party at CTS

WEDNESDAY: September 25

THURSDAY: September 26
9 am – FLC Quilting
7 pm – Slavic Worship

FRIDAY: September 27
Office Closed

SATURDAY: September 28

NEXT SUNDAY:  September 29
Holy Communion
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
10 am – CTS Sunday School
10:15 am – FLC Sunday School
1 pm – Slavic Worship

2 pm – GiF 2nd Year at FLC