The Week of September 1 at CTS & FLC

Radical Love Triumphs
What stories will you hear this Sunday? For most of human history wisdom was largely part of an oral tradition. From one generation to the next, wisdom was passed down. These days it sometimes seems that we can have wisdom at our fingertips—maybe. Could it be that something is lost in the process?  In the Gospel story, we hear how Jesus lifts up the mysteriously gracious and life-transforming values of the kingdom of God. Jesus lifts up the humility required to take the lowest seat at the table. Jesus invites his followers to practice the hospitality that offers the finest of foods for people who cannot repay. Jesus invites his followers to embody the kind of radical-yet-relational love of Jesus himself. This radical love is taught by both individuals and congregations. Communities of faith by their practices of generosity and compassion embody the love of Jesus in their communities. A special service for God’s special people.

SUNDAY:  September 1
Holy Communion
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
1 pm – Slavic Worship

Pastor David Aanonson will be filling the pulpit on Sunday, September 1, at Chariton and Corydon.

MONDAY: September 2
Labor Day Holiday
Office Closed

TUESDAY: September 3
10 am – FLC Worship Committee
11:30 am – Lucas Co. ICC at Russell Methodist
1:30 pm – CTS Women’s Bible Study at CTS

WEDNESDAY: September 4
1:30 pm – Prayer Shawl Ministry at FLC

THURSDAY: September 5
7 pm – Slavic Worship

FRIDAY: September 6
Office Closed

SATURDAY: September 7

NEXT SUNDAY:  September 8
“God’s Work, Our Hands” Sunday
Holy Communion
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
10:15 am – FLC Sunday School Begins
10:15 am – Executive Committee at FLC
1 pm – Slavic Worship
6 pm – Lutheran Adult Fellowship at FLC

Our 150th Anniversary will be celebrated on 
Sunday, September 15, 2019
                9 am – Coffee and Conversation 
                10 am – Worship with
Bishop Michael Burk 

                              Joint Service for CTS & FLC
                11:30 am – Lunch served at
Carpenter’s Hall

Please RSVP for the lunch by September 8.  A sign-up form will be passed during all worship services prior to the celebration, or you can call or email the church office. (641-774-4875 or
Please come and celebrate with us!