The Week of October 31 at CTS & FLC


9 am – Chariton Worship
             Sunday School at FLC 

10 am- Sunday School at CTS 
11 am – Corydon Worship

10:30 am – Radio Broadcast on KIIC
                Radio – 96.7 FM out of Albia

THANK YOU to everyone who helped collect and put together the school bag kits and personal care kits at CTS.  We had 116 school bag kits and 32 personal care kits for Lutheran World Relief.  A special thank you to Nicki Brown for taking our kits to Cedar Rapids.  Thank you so much!

WE GIVE THANKS FOR THE BIRTH OF COLTON HESTON.  Parents are Julie and Eli Horstmeier.  Grandparents are Roger & Jean Heston. 

DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS ON NOVEMBER 7.  Please remember to move your clock back one hour on Saturday evening, November 6.

ALL SAINTS SUNDAY: On Sunday, November 7, we will remember all God’s saints. In the prayers that day, we will remember all those who have died since All Saints Sunday 2020. If you have a family member or close friend that you would like to include in this remembrance, please notify Tiffany in the church office via a note, email, or call by November 3.

A BIG THANK YOU to those who have mowed the lawn and kept it looking nice at First Lutheran this year.  Your dedication is greatly appreciated!

THE SNOW REMOVAL SIGN-UP SHEET is posted on the bulletin board in the Fireside Room at FLC. Please check your schedule to see when you may be able to help with this ministry!

WORSHIP AND MUSIC COMMITTEE will meet on Tuesday, November 2, at 10 am, at FLC in the Library. 

WEEKLY BIBLE STUDY will meet on Wednesday, November 3 at, 9 am, at FLC in the Fireside Room Pastor will be with us to help guide the study.  We will be studying “The Christ Key” by Chad Bird.  Refreshments will be available. The sessions will be for 1 hour.

 FLC CONFIRMATION CLASS will meet on Wednesday, November 3 ,at 2:00 pm . The sessions will be for 1 hour. 

PRAYER SHAWL/BABY AFGHAN MISSION will meet on Wednesday, November 3, 1:30 pm at FLC in the Library .  Anyone who would like to help with the prayer shawls and baby afghans or who would like to learn how to knit or crochet are encouraged to come.

THERE ARE STILL SPOTS REMAINING TO TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL at FLC during the Gospel/Sermon time of the worship service (20 min).  The lesson titles will be available the next few Sundays on a clipboard.  Sign up now before the spots are taken!!  Thanks to all of you for the commitment of your time to our youth!  If you need more info, please call Angie Dachenbach 641-340-1196 or LuAnn Mosbach 641-774-6793.

OCTOBER IS PERSONAL HYGIENE MONTH for the Ministry Center.  Examples would be bath & hand soap, feminine hygiene products (pads & tampons), shampoo, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, Band-Aids, and hand lotion. They are currently in need of ½ gallon milk jugs, canned soup, ravioli, spaghetti o’s, chili and macaroni and cheese. Thank you!

Ways to listen – every Sunday morning at 10:30 am:
*  KIIC Radio – 96.7 FM out of Albia
*  The radio stations website: (click on the “Listen Live” button)
*  If you miss the broadcast on Sunday, you can also catch it as a podcast on the church’s website:
THANK YOU for your support of this ministry!! 

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO SPONSER A WEEKLY BROADCAST for any occasion, an anniversary, a birthday, in memory or honor of someone, or some other reason, we invite you to consider giving a gift to sponsor the broadcast.  The cost of a weekly sponsorship is $35, or you can just give any amount to help us pay for the broadcast.  It will be our intent to acknowledge the sponsor each week at the conclusion of the broadcast, unless you prefer to remain anonymous.  To check and find out if the Sunday you’d like to sponsor is available, please call the church office and talk to Tiffany