The Week of June 23 at CTS & FLC

We feel powerless when life’s storms rage about us. Despite our best efforts, we cannot navigate those dangers without the hand of God to guide and free us. In the gospel, the man with demons was unable to help himself. His affliction had caused him to be chained and shackled by his community. He remained helpless and ostracized on his own until he was freed by the power of God in Christ. Even though he was an outsider from the land of the Geresenes, Jesus came to his aid. He cast out the legion of demons in the man and sent them into the nearby herd of pigs, who then flung themselves off the bank. Though that dramatic event caused fear and confusion, the man was at last set free and commissioned by Jesus as a witness to his stunning liberation. Hear the good news on Sunday as our readings recount the journey of faith from bondage to freedom, from separation to unity, from death to new life. And this is a path open to all, no matter who we are or from where we’ve come.

SUNDAY:  June 23
Holy Communion
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
1 pm – Slavic Worship

Pastor Sally out of town June 23 – July 1.
In case of emergency, please call Pastor Sally
on her cell phone (906-231-0048).
All other needs, please call Wendy during office hours (641-774-4875).  After hours, please call Gayle Bortz (641-203-0677).

MONDAY: June 24

TUESDAY: June 25

Wendy will be out of the office
due to an appointment.

7 pm – Slavic Worship

FRIDAY: June 28
Office Closed


11 am – Worship at Christ the Servant, Corydon
1 pm – Slavic Worship
2 pm – Chariton Community Worship on the square
followed by ice cream social
(Please note: there will not be a service at the First Lutheran Church on June 30.)