The Week of August 4 at CTS & FLC

What are the best clothes to wear to worship?
The reading from Colossians invites us to cloth ourselves in Christ, dressing in love and kindness, respect and care. You decide what to wear this Sunday; just be ready for a new set of clothes as you listen to this reading.
The Gospel reading from Luke tells us the story of the successful rich man who continues to build bigger and bigger barns to store all his stuff. Come to worship to receive very different treasures, in fellowship, word and at the table.

SUNDAY:  August 4
Holy Communion
9 am – First, Chariton
11 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
1 pm – Slavic Worship

MONDAY: August 5
5 pm – Wayne County “Back to School” Night

TUESDAY: August 6
10 am – FLC Worship Committee
11:30 am – Lucas Co. ICC at
Chariton Methodist
1:30 pm – CTS Women’s Bible Study at CTS


THURSDAY: August 8
9 am – FLC Quilting
1 pm – Women of the ELCA
7 pm – Slavic Worship

FRIDAY: August 9
Office Closed

SATURDAY: August 10

NEXT SUNDAY:  August 11
9 am – First, Chariton
10 am – Christ the Servant, Corydon
CTS will be worshiping at the Ecumenical
Worship Service for Old Settler’s Day.
There will not be a worship service
at the church building on this day.
10:15 am – Executive Committee at FLC
1 pm – Slavic Worship
6 pm – Lutheran Adult Fellowship