The Week of August 23 at CTS & FLC



: Friday, August 21, 4-7 pm 
           at Pierschbacher Funeral Home in Chariton
Graveside Service: Saturday, August 22, 11 am
           at Chariton Cemetary

REMEMBER OUR YOUTH’S FUNDRAISING PROJECT WITH THELMA’S DRIVE-THRU MEAL at CARPENTER’S HALL THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26:   If you have volunteered to help that day, Ann will be getting in touch with you.  Tickets are $10 each and are available from Ann Aulwes, Sarah Peterson, the youth, and Piper’s.  Tickets are also available from Wendy in the church office Monday-Thursday.  If you have any questions, please contact Ann Aulwes 641-203-6577.

SIGN-UP HAS STARTED TO TEACH SUNDAY SCHOOL at FLC during the Gospel/Sermon time of the worship service (30 min).  The lesson titles will be available the next few Sundays on a clipboard.  Sign up early to get the lesson you desire!!  Thanks to all of you for the commitment of your time to our youth!  If you need more info, please call Angie Dachenbach 641-340-1196 or LuAnn Mosbach 641-774-6793.
Imagine…September 13th, sunny Fall skies, and warm breezes.  Yard games for all ages, young and younger.  Across the church lawn is a sea of picnic blankets of all colors, shapes, and sizes.  Each blanket representing members of our church family gathering to kick off the 2020 Sunday School year.  The games will begin immediately following the church service.  Lunch will be a “group” effort with individually wrapped hotdogs provided by Linda and Earl Comstock.  We are asking each church member/family to provide their own side dishes, drinks, plates, and table service.  This will allow us to picnic together as a family while maintaining our social distance. 
I cannot think of a better way to start a new Sunday school venture, where members of our congregation are stepping up, to teach, to inspire and to lead, our youngest church members to a more meaningful life with Christ.
Please contact LuAnn Mosbach or Angie Dachenbach if you have questions.

DERECHO STORM DISASTER RELIEF:  Millions of acres of crops flattened. Landscapes devastated, homes destroyed seriously damaged. Whole communities reeling in the aftermath of a storm who’s name we never knew. So many people already helping. Many more wondering how best to serve when so much help is needed and circumstances, including the pandemic, make it difficult to connect.  The Synod is working with Lutheran Disaster Relief and other helping agencies to facilitate the most constructive response.  If you would like to donate to this relief effort, you can put your donation in the offering plate – clearly marked Derecho Storm Disaster Relief – and we will forward it on to the Synod. 
LWR SCHOOL BAGS:  In light of the recent happenings in Beirut with the destruction of Lutheran World Relief (LWR) quilts and school bags, would you be willing to donate to help replace school bags for LWR?  If you want to shop and buy supplies, that would be great; but if you are uncomfortable about being out and would like to donate money for supplies, Cindy Thiel has offered to purchase supplies online for both congregations. Together, we currently have 200 school bags with 50 of those filled – so we would need supplies for 150 bags.  Each bag contains 4 spiral 70 count notebooks, 1 wooden ruler, 5 pencils, 5 pens, 1 pencil sharpener, 1 eraser, 1 pair of scissors and 1-24 count box of crayons.  Thank you in advance for any help you can give to this project. IF YOU WISH TO DONATE MONEY,PLEASE CLEARLY MARK YOUR DONATION FOR “LWR SCHOOL BAGS”.
BEIRUT BLAST/LUTHERAN WORLD RELIEF UPDATE:  We have learned that in addition to the devastating loss of life, injuries and widespread damage caused by the Beirut explosion, three containers of LWR Quilts and Kits – amounting to more than 47,000 items – were also destroyed.  These items were at the port of Beirut, on their way to families hit hard by the increasingly dire economic situation in Lebanon.  Help is needed now!!  Your church council has given a $250 donation to the Lutheran World Relief Beirut Fund.  If you would also like to help and give a donation, please go to where you will be able to donate online or find out where to mail your donation.  There are also donation forms on the desk in the Fireside Room for your convenience in mailing in your donation.
At this moment we plan to begin confirmation studies again on Wednesday, September 16th at 2:00 pm – but, this could change as school changes and other factors affect us.  But, in looking forward we will invite all the students in 6th thru 9thgrades to join us for confirmation instruction.  We’ll meet in the Fireside Room so students can socially distance and have access to the large screen TV.  As students get ready for confirmation classes I’d like to ask the students to read one of the gospels – either Matthew, Luke, or John (not Mark) – before coming to class in September.
Secondly, we are anticipating the Rite of Confirmation to be celebrated on Sunday, January 10, 2021, for those students in the 8th and 9thgrades.

BREAKFAST GALS BASEMENT/OUTDOOR SALE:  Friday, September 25, 8 am-4 pm; and Saturday, September 26, 8-11 am.  Clothing, kitchen items, toys, etc. may be dropped off in the church basement any time prior to the sale. Please note that we will not be able to accept TV’s or computers.  If you have any questions or need items picked up, please contact Linda Comstock (641-774-4406) or Fay Utesch (515-451-1232). 

Ways to listen: 
*  KIIC Radio – 96.7 FM out of Albia
*  The radio stations website: (click on the “Listen Live” button)
*  If you miss the broadcast on Sunday, you can also catch it as a podcast on the church’s website:
THANK YOU for your support of this ministry!! 

SEPTEMBER IS JUICE MONTH at the Ministries Center.  Examples would be fruit juices, vegetable juices (tomato & V8), and juice boxes. Thank you!